Bachelor of Christian Ministry

Bachelor of Christian Ministry

Through Charlotte Bible College & Seminary, students can fulfill all the undergraduate degree courses required for the Christian Ministry Core under Bible/Theology and Ministry Studies. All general requirements for the undergraduate program must be fulfilled and transferred through a regionally accredited institution. New students that are not transferring in any additional credits to the program have the option to fulfill the required electives for the degree through CBC&S or transfer elective credits into the program.

Degree Requirements

This degree consists of a total of 120 credit hours. The BCM can be considered in three parts. The first part consists of 30 credit hours of the required general courses for a bachelor’s degree. The second part consists of 63 credit hours of required Bible, theology, and ministry courses from CBC&S. The final part of the BCM consists of 27 credit hours of free elective courses, taken from either CBC&S or another approved institution of higher learning

General Education Requirements (30 hrs.)

Biology (3 hrs)
Computers (3 hrs)
English Composition (6 hrs)
Math (3 hrs)
Music (3 hrs)
Psychology (3 hrs)
Speech (3 hrs)
U.S. History (3 hrs)
World History (3 hrs)
Christian Ministry Core Curriculum (63 credit hours)

Biblical and Theological Studies Requirements (45 hrs)

Apologetics (3 hrs)
Bible Doctrines (6 hrs)
Bible Interpretation (3 hrs)
Church History (3 hrs)
Cults (3 hrs)
Evangelism (3 hrs)
Introduction to Christian Counseling (3 hrs)
Introduction to Philosophy (3 hrs)
Leadership Development I (6 hrs)
Ministry Practicum (6 hrs)
New Testament Introduction (6 hrs)
Old Testament Introduction (6 hrs)
Spiritual Formation (3 hrs)
Teaching the Bible (3 hrs)
World Missions (3 hrs)
World Religions (3 hrs)
Free Electives (27 hrs)